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Our Customers share with us the creative and inspiring ideas they are
implementing in their programs with S&S Products.

august customer chatter


Idea: Busy Hands for Dementia

My uncle is in a nursing home and has dementia. He isn't able to do much anymore, or remember much anymore, but he needs something to do with his busy hands. Otherwise the socks come off. I saw this in a catalog that I received at our church and thought it was a great idea. You have some great items in you catalog for this purpose. Thanks so much!

- Judy




Activity Apron
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$44.99 $37.99


Idea: Special Education Music Class 

At our secondary school, we use S&S supplies for our special education music class. The students love using the ribbon wands as introductory or closure activities responding to the styles of music to which they are listening. The supplies are durable and inexpensive making them the perfect choice for daily classroom use.


- Kris


Idea: Paint & Sip Ideas

We are having Paint & Sip for the finch canvas paintings. We are having a craft class for the necklaces.


- Stephanie/Fox Point Manor






Idea: Kindergarten Physical Education

The dice I plan on using for many different things. They can roll the dice and a number can correlate to an exercise. The nets are for the basketball hoops outside. Bouncy balls are a gift to my wife for her classroom. She has a fruit theme in her room this year. Footprints will be used for teaching layups and where to put your feet and I am sure I will come up with other ideas for them as well since I have Kindergarten again this year. The poly spots are for relays and the bracelets are for prizes.


- Jonathan/ Lost Creek Elementary


Idea: Learning with Themes

I'm a preschool teacher and we going to be doing a study on clothes. The children will be counting buttons then ,we're do a study on transportation and they will count different types of transportation and tell you whether it's land, water or air and then with the alphabet shapes they will be spelling their names and identifying colors.


- Victoria



Idea: Sight Word Spots

I love these spots! I teach kindergarten and I ordered some spots towards the end of school year last year and put sight words on them. Students lined up on a word and had to read it before walking out the door. Some times they lined up randomly and sometimes I assigned them a word that they needed to work on. I also carried them and put them down in the hall to line up at the restroom. They practiced their words and lined up nicely. We used them as a center by making a life size board game- I laid them out and they rolled a die then had to read the word they landed on- or all the words to that word. I ordered more to start the year I plan to put the letters of the alphabet on them. There are so many exciting ways to use these in the classroom!

- Lori





Idea: Puzzles for Dementia 

My mom has Alzheimers & lives in a memory care facility. I ordered these tray puzzles for the residents. I have found through experience that many people with dementia enjoy puzzles when they are colorful, have a limited number of pieces, and have uncomplicated pictures. The activity opens the door for conversation.


- Chris

july customer comments


Idea: 50th High School Reunion

I'm making bead bracelets for my 50th high school reunion. We'll use black and white beads, a charm and the numbers 67 on each bracelet.

- Lou Fredrickson





Idea: Summer Welcome Sign 

We will be using the flip flops to make a summer welcome sign. Glue 7 flip flops side by side, decorate and spell out welcome-one letter per flip flop. See pinterest for ideas!


- Rachel Phillips-Western Home Communities


Idea: Slinky Robots & Interact Boards

We will be using the products for both Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. The small slinkys will become the arms and legs for robots, the large one is for decoration. Big is cool! Love the idea of refillable paints! They will restock our used paints. The weaving loops will be used on an interact board with pegs. The kids can use the lops to spell out words or make designs. The craft sticks are also for and interactive board with Velcro. The sticks will be Velcro backed and also used to write words or make designs.


- Colleen/ First Presbyterian Church of Newton, NJ


Idea: Memory Keepsake Tubes

My family is going on a cruise and I am always looking for "souvenir" ideas to be a reminder of the good times

- Missie Batzel





Idea: Mom's Cookbook of Love 

I'm making both my kids a cookbook of my recipes. Recipes I use a lot throughout the year and on special holidays. They are my recipes, recipes I have tweaked throughout the years and made them mine and their favorite. I'm putting them on black paper and in my handwriting, hopefully so excited very time they use one of the recipes, they will smile, knowing I made them this cookbook out of love.


- Charlotte


Idea: Family Reunion

Plastic aprons will be used for our Youth Paint Nite and the Bingo chips will be used for the Ward Family History bingo game.


- Ward Family Reunion





june customer ideas
Idea: Autism Life Skills

I will be using the products I ordered in a self-contained Autism Life Skills classroom to teach job skills to my students.


- Lisa/O Fallon Township High School





Pipe Tree
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$68.99 $59.99


Idea: Summer Craft Fun

The full size papers will be made into collages using the intense colors and a glue stick. Cut papers will be used as accordian book pages with the same colors and fortune cookie fortunes to be glued on the pages. White coffee filters painted with the same colors will be made into paper flowers held together with a pipe cleaner.


- Audi


Idea: Creating Mosaics

I will use the product I ordered in combination with other collected, found and created mosaic tesserae when building my mixed art mosaic projects to speed up my work with already cut tiles and more color choices. The tiles unable me to use more disciplined and structural designs where other shapes allow me to be more open and free with the flow in the design.


- Sonay/Fortells






Idea: Preschool Motor Skills and Sorting

I teach Kindergarten and plan to use them in my classroom. These will be great for fine motor skills and sorting!


- Kelsey Boekhaus





Fuse Bead Bucket
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$23.99 $19.99


Idea: Making a Clubhouse Prop

We are using the rolled paper for our Vacation Bible School. One of the props is a club house and we are making it out of foam board and using the paper to cover it. The weathered wood paper hopefully will make it look more realistic.

- Glenda - First Baptist Church Show Low





Idea: Summer Reading Rewards 

Each child enrolled in our Summer Reading Program will receive a Rewards medal. This is something I wanted to do but the funding wasn't there. Your prices make it possible to reward the children


- Linda Rice, Director, Crockett Memorial Library


Idea: "Build a Better World"

We are using the birdhouses for our summer reading program. This years theme is "Build A Better World". We want to show the kids that building a better world means: a better world for all, even birds.

- Boulder Community Library





Idea: Bubble Station

I will have a bubble station at a children's outdoor event June 10 to support a proposed park in our area! Hope the wands make it here by Friday June 9!


- Nancy/South Wake Park Project


Idea: VBS - Gadgets & Gizmos Theme 

I intend to use the pouches as first aid kits as part of the 'Gagets and Gizmos' vacation bible school in July. The kids will be decorating them with red crosses surroundings by a symmetrical design made up of dots using permanent markers. Donations of supplies will fill the pouches. The Bible story that day is the Good Samaritan.

- Katie Windham Presbyterian Church





Idea: 4-H Water Day at Clover Camps

We teach 4-H in Mobile, Alabama and have 4 different Clover Camps each summer for kids 8-18. This year one of ours will be a Water Day where we will teach about our usage of water, water conservation, the water cycle and will all probably get wet. We want to have the children make rain sticks to show how important water has been to us and our Native American ancestors.


- MaryJo/Alabama Cooperative Extension System


Idea: VBS - Construction Theme

I will be using the Fun Foam for 2 projects for our Construction themed Vacation Bible School. The first is to make photo frames. Children will dress up in a hard hat and carpenter's apron. The picture will be attached to a blueprint background with the Bible verse from Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." The frame will be decorated with peel and stick tools. The second project is to make Tangrams. A Tangram is cut from a square and has 7 shapes. These shapes are used to make a picture. We will have several to choose from, some easy and some challenging to teach children to have a stick to it attitude and not give up. God doesn't give up on us, we are his work in progress as he builds us into the kind of person who pleases him and lives for his purpose. Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”


- Nancy First United Methodist Church, Amherst, TX




May customer chatter


Idea: Express Yourself

I run a group each month for children who are in the foster care system or have been adopted from foster care called Express Yourself. The items I ordered will be used at our June get together to make trivets. The children love to create things and I think this will be fun.


-Bernadette / Adoption Rhode Island







Idea: Dog Lover's Retirement

These dogs will be circulated at my retirement party for names and comments. Since I have six dogs, my coworkers joke that I am retiring to be a stay-at-home dog mom.






Idea: Girl Scouts - T-Shirt Leaf Designs

My Girl Scouts Troop 2088 we are going used the paints to make T-Shirts Design with leaves that we had collected and used the paints for next year in Oct at our Scouts Meeting


- Christina Maravel/G.S. Troop 2088



Idea: Library Summer Reading Incentives

Library's Summer Reading Program. Reading incentive prizes and projects to do when visiting the Library.


- Huntington Public Library

Pony Bead Bucket
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$30.99 $25.99


Idea: VBS Arctic Adventure

Vacation Bible School. Our theme this year is Artic Adventure. We are making Iditarod sleds with sticks. Northern lights picture with paper and metallic paints and pastels. Snow owls with pine cones, cotton balls, using glue dots to put on eyes. Inuit drums with the embroidery hoops.


- Susan Moore/ North Sewickley Presbyterian Church



Idea: DIY Outdoor Rug 

Painting a drop cloth for an outdoor rug. (Yellow & White Paint)






Idea: 7th Grade ELS - Poetry Book

I am an ELA teacher and every year my 7th grade students do a poetry book for their 4th quarter project.


- Angela/Pittston Area School District

Idea: STEM - Teaching Flight Variables

We will be using the balsa wood gliders as part of our STEM program. The kids will be using them for initial testing and experimentation of flight variables.

-Boys & Girls Club of Troy 





Idea: Decorate Top of Tent

It will be used for the top of our inflatable tent, that covers our Mechanical Bull Ride 

- Rodney Love / Loves Cowboy Up

Rating of 5.0
$119.99 $85.99


Idea: Boy Scouts - Space Theme & Rockets

Our Boy Scout Council has an annual Family Camping Weekend. This year's theme is space and rocketry, and the Cub scouts and their families will be making the "rocket" picture frames and using the stomp rockets in their activity stations. The older Boy Scouts will also be doing real rocketry and other activities with the Cubs. 


- Dina / Westchester-Putnam BSA

Idea: Towel Origami & Playing Cards

The wiggly eyes go on towel origami; we make Teddy Bear's for our guest rooms. We also put a deck of cards in our rooms for our guest use.


-Debbie/Tahoe Beach & Ski Club











Idea: Birthday Celebrations

We have a Senior Center that holds many special events for Seniors and their families and friends. We need a reminder calendar for birthday's for the month. This will be really  helpful so we don't miss any!

-Kathi- Mid-Illinois Senior Services, Inc.  





Idea: Boy Scouts Pack Meeting

I ordered several thousand craft sticks and plan to use them at a Boy Scout pack meeting.  Scouts will be ask to construct an indian dwelling (hogan, wigwam, longhouse, wickiup, or teepee).  Should be fun! 


- Judy/Boy Scouts of America


Idea: VBS Games Station

Vacation Bible School-Games Station  

-Christy/Community Church of Gunnison



Idea: Making Test Review Fun

I have a middle school self contained classroom. The buzzers sound like a fun new way to do test review. We are always in need of supplies and you had great prices !  


-Deborah Walter Johnson Middle School 









Idea: Warm Fuzzies

I am retired clergy and I call pompoms warm fuzzies. During my ministry I used the white ones for baptism, gave them following children's moments, gave them at hospitals and even buried folks with them. Now I give them to total strangers and tell them it is a warm fuzzy to make their day better. I get great pleasure sharing this way.

-James Christy  





Idea: Boy Scouts Pack Meeting

I ordered several thousand craft sticks and plan to use them at a Boy Scout pack meeting.  Scouts will be ask to construct an indian dwelling (hogan, wigwam, longhouse, wickiup, or teepee).  Should be fun! 


- Judy/Boy Scouts of America


Idea: Memory Care

The supplies ordered on this round are for memory care.   We will be doing out door gardening and will display butterflies and the bird houses   outside.  The babies will be part of our "baby care" life station we are setting up.  The diffuser will be used in memory care also.  


-Sylvia/The Palmettos


Idea: County Fair Summer Camp Theme

We are a preschool and one of our summer camps is the Country Fair and we will use these for it.  


-Jerlyn / HCA


Idea: Customized Water Bottles

We will use these items to share with our daughter's school.  She is a fourth grade teacher at a "newcomer's" school.  We thought that the children in the class would enjooy decorating their own water bottles to use during the summer.






Idea: Ornaments

The styrofoam balls will be covered with rows of folded ribbon, embellished with pearls, sequins, and beads, and finished with a hanging loop.  I make two dozen of these as gifts at Christmas time.


- Lou


Idea: Indoor Chair Volleyball 

We are an Independent Senior Living Community and will be using the industrial beach balls for Indoor Chair Volleyball Challenge.  We play volleyball twice a week and it's very competitive.  


-Liz/ Atria Bell Court Gardens Senior Living Community




Idea: Spanish Faith Bracelets

A team from our church is going to El Salvador, and we are making bracelets that says "He anchors me" in Spanish. It was so great to find a website where I could purchase individual letters in bulk.


- Barbara/Covenant United Methodist Church

april customer chatter

Idea: VBS Rainforest Theme

The next few months my Sunday School class is using an old VBS rainforest theme.  We will   be using the crafts as part of Children's church.   Thanks for the great ideas.   

- Leanna/ The Salvation Army


Idea: Australia Story Time at the Library 

The kangaroos will be part of my story time about Australia at my library.  






Idea: Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

I am a DJ but also a youth leader with the church. We are going to play blacklight or glow dodgeball with our teens and adults on Thursday nights.


-Rodney / Victorious Life Church of the Nazarene


Idea: Craft Pool Necessity 

We love using hot glue during "craft pool" during summer day camp! Craft pool is where the kids have a chance to be creative and use their imagination to construct anything they'd like to from a kiddie pool full of leftover craft supplies such as ribbon, scrap paper, marker caps, buttons, tissue boxes, string, fabric, and more! The hot glue is a great product that will glue almost anything together.


-Jessica, Marshall Recreation Dept.


Idea: Bead Laptrackers for Relay for Life

We make laptrackers at our Relay For Life event. It is our major event fundraiser and we sell about 750 every year.


-Karen/Relay For Life


Idea: Derby Day for Senior Living

We will show the Arabian Horses movie and decorate the straw hats along with other horse racing activities on our "Derby Day", an annual wheelchair race event with teams of residents and staff.  We have a huge rose covered horseshoe that is the trophy  for the winning team, and we serve real and virgin mint juleps, and finger sandwiches.


- Hope from Forwood Manor - Five Star Senior Living