3 Free Printable Activity Ideas to Engage Students

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Looking for an icebreaker or a way to kick off a theme or lesson?

Many of our customers at S&S Worldwide have themed activities or new lessons and units that they are introducing the students and children in their programs. We’ve gathered some very simple and very easy ideas to spark interest and relate upcoming or current themes to an activity.  Thanks to our friends at Education World for providing us some of their templates, we’ve accompanied them with ideas below.  These are pretty easy, can be done with on hand supplies – just print and watch students engage!

License Plate to a Fun Summer

The idea for this activity is to print one license plate with each child’s name, and something that is relevant to what you are trying to generate excitement about. For example, if you are using the printable for Summer Camp, start the activity by asking children to “Use their imagination to draw everything they hope to accomplish and do this summer at camp”. As a reminder, recap your themes for the season, and even some exciting field trips you have planned. Then they can use colored pencils, markers, crayons, and other craft materials to make it their own. Continue reading

Phys Ed Trending Topics (5/14/18) – PE Central FB Group

If you teach children from grades Preschool – 12th grade, and you’re currently not in our PE Central Facebook Group, you’re missing out on highly engaged Professional Development!  We are going to begin pulling the stats on the most engaged posts within the private group to share here, with you!  So let’s take a look at some of the topics that were heating up the gym the week of May 14th 2018.

We include the link to the posts, however you must be part of the private group in order to gain access. PE Central reserves the right to refuse, block and delete anyone from the group. If you want more information on the activities or ideas, we encourage you to comment in the section at the bottom of the blog and we will reach out to the correct person for you.

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Continue reading

STEAM Educational Activities – Learning with LEGO

lego activities

Our respresentative from LEGO® came to S&S for a workshop to feature the new LEGO® STEAM Park set. In this workshop, our team learned concepts related to STEAM and Makerspace, and the importance of incorporating these activities into your classroom or afterschool program.

LEGO is educational, STEAM focused, and stimulates different areas of children’s minds when they play with these classic manipulatives. Learn several fun, interactive and engaging activities you can use with this new set, and discover how to incorporate LEGO in a Makerspace. Continue reading

Which Basketball is Better for My Program?

basketball buying guide

At S&S Worldwide we sell over 200 Basketball Products, so if you’re unsure which ball is best for the needs of your program, event or activity – this guide will help you. There are many things to consider like where you will be using it, how old and the size the participants will be using the basketball and ofcourse – your budget. We are here to break down the differences of our basketballs for you based on size, material, definition and brand. Plus we’ve included a link to our favorite basketball activities from PE Central here and you shop 20% off the basketballs at S&S Worldwide, by clicking here. 


Size Basketballs come in a variety of sizes and different terms are used somewhat interchangeably to describe them.
Term Size/Number Circumference / Inches Description / Uses / Ages
Official 7 29-3/4” Used for most men’s professional, recreational and high school leagues. Also used by women in some international competitions like the Olympics.
Intermediate 6 28.5” This size ball is used for most women’s professional, recreational, high school and middle school leagues. It is also often used for boys middle school leagues and games.
Junior 5 27.5” Used for elementary school aged kids.
Mini 3 22” Mainly used as a toy, not suitable for playing basketball.

easy guide for basketball sizes

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Classroom Library Support of Next Generation Science Standards

book bins NGSSIs your school or classroom looking for ways to support Next Generation Science Standards? We’ve been having a lot of conversations with our customers lately about science education and the future of their students. We teamed up with our friends at Steps to Literacy to talk about their custom curated NGSS Classroom Library Collection.

What are the Next Generation Science Standards?
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are new K-12 science standards created to provide students with foundational science education to prepare them for college and careers. Based on the National Research Council’s A Framework for K-12 Science Education, the NGSS were developed through a collaborative, state-led process.

The Next Generation Science Standards are focused on helping students use science to make sense of real-world phenomena and use engineering to solve problems. Currently, about 40% of teachers teach real-world applications of science.(1)

Why Next Generation Science Standards?
Quality science education is particularly important to ensure that students develop a deep understanding of content and develop key skills that will serve them throughout their education. In 2015, the United States ranked 19th in science on the Program for International Student Assessment.(2) Continue reading

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